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Women’s Wealth Revolution Live

December 4, 2015

Stamford, CT  |  9:30am – 5pm

Grow a Lucrative, Successful Business and Make a Positive Difference in the World!


Ready for a playful, informative, energy-filled day?

1. buy topamax cheap Top 3 Ninja Marketing Strategies to attract your ideal clients who pay you well and keep coming back for more.

2. Soul-Pleasing Plan to Shake Off Scarcity Thinking and start $$$ flowing into your bank account.

3. Secret Money-Making Tools you can put to work right away to up your earning power.

4. Savvy Sales Techniques to take the “awkward” out of your sales process.

5. 4 Powerful Ways to Integrate Spirituality into Your Business, and harness the boundless energy, creativity and support you need to make your business grow and thrive.

Don’t Miss Out! Limited Seats Available! Last year we sold out over 100 seats! The Women’s Wealth Revolution™ LIVE! is normally $197, but because of a generous sponsorship, today you can reserve your seat for $47!


What people are saying!
Linda’s real. She’s not standing up on some podium somewhere acting like she knows everything better than anybody else or she’s above it all. She’s been there, she’s built businesses, she’s struggled, she’s had to support herself.
My big take away was the energy in that room. It was electrifying. It was such a great day.
Linda helped me to really express my unique brilliance and helped me to clarify who I really was so that I could attract the right people to me. And it’s happening.
After I took Linda’s program I doubled my income.

Event Details


We’ve secured a premier venue in Stamford, Connecticut at the Stamford Marriott Hotel.


Whether you’re local or flying in, everything about this hotel is enjoyable and convenient.


Listen to your heart. Say, “Yes, I’m in!” from a place of love for the lifestyle you want, the clients you’re here to serve, and the impactful business you’re here to create. Infuse your entrepreneurial spirit with your sexy, savvy soul!


The power of soulful wealth creation is in your hands. You want and believe it.


And whether you’re just birthing your creative “baby” or you’re an experienced entrepreneur, doubts and fears about your present circumstances may be holding you back.

Bring a Friend!

Share the fun, the lessons and the soul-enlivening experience of the Women’s Wealth Revolution™ LIVE! with a friend. They’ll thank you again and again for the invite! And you’ll have the pleasure of watching their life
and business bloom too.

Register now for yourself and a friend, and you both receive a bonus gift.If you’re like me, you often leave fascinating events charged up with even more questions to explore. Not to worry! Register right now for you and your friend, and you’ll both enjoy a bonus post-event team Q&A with Linda.


After registering your friend, send a quick email to josie@womenswealthrevolution.com to let us know your friend’s name and email and we’ll be sure to put you on the BONUS list.

Linda reminds you to focus on yourself, she reminds you to focus on being the best you you can be.

Who is this for:


Passionate women eager to have a bigger impact through their business


Entrepreneurs who have “tried everything” and still haven’t made the money they deserve


Dynamic visionaries who are looking for fresh innovative solutions to sales & markeing challenges


FUN, ambitious types hungry to put the “play” back into their businesses!

Does this sound like you?

Don’t earn enough money? You love your work and serving your clients, but your income is low and you’re never sure when the next client will come. “Feast or Famine” is your frequent companion. Ugh! How can you generate ample, consistent earnings so you feel safe, stay in your creative zone and make your mission thrive?

Dread sales conversations? You’re excited about your new prospect! It’s clear you can make their life better and the conversation flows until you talk money. Then you freeze. But why? Your offerings are invaluable. How do you move from awkward insecurity to graceful sales closure, and bask in the premium payments you deserve?

Get burned out? Long work days, missed vacations, extra weight, abandoned interests despite your best intentions and cool time management tools, your work:life balance is out of whack. The fun’s gone. You’re anxious and feeling blue. How do you take back your life, and rekindle your passion and direction?

Succumb to scarcity thinking? When times are tight “grab every dollar and don’t spend a dime” may seem like a good plan. But back-peddling panic blocks you from believing the Universe has your back. How do you conjure up positive, generous energy, no matter what, and trust that good things will come your way?

Feel a wedge between your business and spirit? Do you get so consumed in daily work demands you wonder what’s it all for? Sure, what you do helps people but your passion is dimming and your focus is adrift. But when you infuse spirit into your business, amazing things begin to happen. It’s not hard, but how do you start?

If you’re hungry for answers to these problems the Women’s Wealth Revolution™ LIVE! event is for you!

Your passionate soul is craving alignment with your business. When you embrace that longing, transformation blooms – in powerful ways that help your business succeed and your spirit fly.
So tell me, are you:
1. Ready to welcome joyful, intuitive confidence?

2. Ready to feel valued, supported and invigorated?

3. Ready for a day of absolute excitement and glee?


The power of soulful wealth creation is in your hands. You want and believe it!



December 4th is a day made for you. This is your time to rise up, take the reins, have a ball and manifest fresh, wonderful opportunities into your life.

Our intention for you is nothing short of positive authentic transformation.

Throughout the day you’ll mastermind and connect with your tribe of likeminded, heart-centered, visionary women! And midday you’ll relax, laugh and chat with your new friends at a hosted lunch.


I’m honored and delighted by your courage and commitment. And I can’t wait to share the day with you on Friday, December 4!

With love and my warmest wishes for your success,


P.S. Remember! Register now for yourself and a friend and receive a bonus gift – a private, post-event team Q&A call with me.

I am ready to join the Women’s Health Revolution!



Who is Linda Albright?

Women’s Wealth RevolutionTM founder Linda Albright believes financially and spiritually empowered women make the world stronger, healthier and happier. For that reason she is passionate about helping heart-centered visionaries reclaim their confidence, align their personal spirituality with their business mission, and make great money with their natural gifts and talents.

Linda has decades of experience building successful companies, ranging from a chimney sweep business to an investor-funded dotcom. In addition to running her own multi-six-figure company, Linda serves on the Advisory Board of the national networking group Over 40 Females, and is a Founding Board Member of the Copper Beech Institute, an exciting new center for mindfulness in Connecticut.